My name is Collin Davidson, award-winning aerial videographer from Denver, Colorado.

I have over a decade of experience as a videographer with five of those years being in the aerial space. My videos have been chosen for awards from the GRW Aerial Video Festival, the Yellowfin Film Festival, the Freelance Film Festival, and more.


Represented by Zero Agency:


Past Clients:

Regent City

Vastitude Tours

White Mountain

Square Line Sailing


Wisoky and Sons

Gleason Inc.


2019 - Winner, Best Promotional Video - White Mountain - GRW Aerial Video Festival

2018 - Winner, Best In Show - Regent City - Yellowfin Film Festival

2018 - Nominee, Best Drone Overview - Square Line Sailing - Freelance Film Festival


This sample portfolio website features the work of the following people:

Neon Brand, Lester Platt, Alessio Soggetti, Flow Motion Aerials


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